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Heavy hex bolts are characterised by a distinct hexagonal head, making them larger and thicker than standard hex bolts. Heavy hex structural bolts are ideal for steel-to-steel structural connections. They are typically very short. The A325 and A490 specifications are not intended for general applications, including anchor bolts. A449 for A325 and A354 grade BD for A490 are a more suitable choice in these applications.

HEAVY HEX NUTS Also known as Finish Nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts are used along with bolts – both for strength and for a thick finished look.

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Standard JISB1186/ASTMA325/GB1228/GB3632/ISO13918/GB10433
Size M16-M36
Material ML20MNTIB/35VB/ML15AL/ML18AL
Hex head bolt and nut Grade 10.9S/A108
Packing Box, carton or plastic bags, then put on pallets, or according to the demand of the customers
Trade terms EXW /FOB/ CFR/ CIF
Certificate ISO9001

Product description

ASTM A325 is a standard specification for structural bolts designed for a variety of structural applications. The specification was developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), a standards organization that develops technical standards for various industries. Structural bolts are used to connect structural members such as beams, columns and trusses, subject to high loads and stresses. ASTM A325 specifies the chemical and mechanical properties of bolts, including minimum yield strength and tensile strength, to ensure that bolts are strong enough to withstand these loads and stresses.

In addition, the specification specifies bolt dimensions, threads and markings, ensuring compatibility and interchangeability between different manufacturers and suppliers. ASTM A325 bolts are commonly used in a variety of construction applications such as bridges, buildings, and other large structures. Their high strength and reliability make them a popular choice for structural connections. In summary, ASTM A325 is a widely recognized specification for structural bolting. Its standardized specifications and availability in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes make it a popular choice among manufacturers, suppliers and customers across a wide range of industries requiring reliable structural joining solutions.


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